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Sunday, February 28, 2010

New Album

Seems like only yesterday I was releasing our first album, by and large, and now we are booked for studio time for our second! Our engineer has updated hs facility to include more acoustic-friendly recording and we anticipate this new album to embody even more completely the warm and rich acoustic sound that we as a group strive to create and maintain throughout our recordings and live performances. Look for the album around June or so?!


It's been quite a while since any posting has been done here- been through many more shows and even decided against playing some here and there, which is the enviable state of affairs once one becomes busy enough to pick and choose amongst them!
Recently lost, at least for a time, a long-standing member of the group, and have replaced them with Brittney, a vocalist AND pianist whom we hope will be another great addition to our group proper! Go Brittney!