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Sunday, July 28, 2013

Genuine Joe's and Acoustalyn

   Last night's show was wonderful, at a wonderful little coffee shop - Genuine Joe's in North Austin - where we have a long and regular history. It's a really "laid back" place and makes one want to excel when playing music there...and we did!
   Long termers Kristin and Nikki were astounding, and relative newbie Lyn on bass has really added a lot to our overall and underlying sound- I have to admit that when first suggested I wasn't so sure how bass/low end would mesh with our acoustic sound, but any such doubts I might have had have been refreshingly proved quite wrong (yes, I AM wrong sometimes, I just don't make a habit of it :). We did miss the presence though of our Gretchen, on mandolin and harmony singing, but she will be back the very next show!